1st Band on The Moon

There’s a problem with the girls here on earthThey stopped acting dizzy wearing miniskirtsSeems like everything wild is in distasteGotta get my band off in outer, outerspaceI want a place that wants arena rockAlong with the girls who wanna suck my…Take out music up and fry some brainsTeach a dimension how to go, go insaneIt can’t come too soonSomeone always has to break the rulesLike a rock n roll cartoon1st band on the moonNow it won’t be too longUntil we get to sing our songsEven if we’re outta tune1st band on the moonEverybody watchin on their tv setsCame out of the shuttle dancin penthouse petsAnd someone grabs a mic and really lets it spitBut the band is so loudWe blow the transmit(chorus)That’s one small step for manOne giant leap backwards for mankind

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