51st Anniversary

51st anniversaryA fifty years they’ve been marriedAnd they can’t wait for their fifty first to roll aroundYeah, roll aroundA thirty years they’ve been marriedAnd now they’re old and happy and they settle downSettle down yeah!Twenty years they’ve been marriedAnd they did everything that could be doneYou know their havin’ funAnd then you come along and talk aboutSo you say you wanna be marriedI’m gonna change your mindOh got to changeThat was the good side babyHere comes the bad sideTen years they’ve been marriedAnd a thousand kids run around hungryCause ther mother’s a louseDaddy’s down at the wihiskey houseThat ain’t allFor thirty years they’ve been marriedThey don’t get along so goodThey’re tired of each other, you know how that goesShe got another loverHuh same old thingSo now you’re seventeenRunning around hanging out, and a havin’ your funLife for you has just begun, babyAnd then you come sayingSo you, you say you wanna get marriedOh baby trying to put me on a chainAint that some shameYou must be losing your, sweet little mindI ain’t ready yet, baby, I ain’t readyI’m gonna change your mindOooh look out babyOhI ain’t readyI ain’t readyI ain’t readyLet me liveLet me liveLet me live a little longerEtc.

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