7 Seconds

Don’t see me from a distance Don’t look at my smile And think that I don’t know What’s under and behind me I don’t want you to look at me And think What’s in you is in me What’s in me is to help them I assume the reasons that push us to Change everything I would like us to forget about Their color So they can be optimistic Too many views on rave that make them Desperate Let’s leave the doors wide open So they can talk about their pain Then we can give them information That will bring us all together Chorus: It’s not a second 7 seconds away Just as long as I stay I’ll be waiting Nothing can move us, we should Be moving From the ones who practice wicked Charms For the son and the stone Bad to the bone Man is not evil, even when it’s born And when a child is born into this world It has no concept The tone the skin is living in Chorus There’s a million voices There’s a million voices To tell you what she should be thinking So you better sober up for just a second

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