African Moon

African MoonRoll with the mighty wavesWe’ll be there soonFeel the winds as we sail on home to African MoonAfrican MoonMy heart beats like the drumNow it is noonLoved ones we left behind I’ll see againAfrican MoonAfrican MoonI will see you once moreYes again I’ll adore the real sound of the drumOh yes I’m sailing feel your hot sunAfrican MoonAfrican MoonLooking out to the seaA reunion there’ll be in the evening sunOh there’s a new life that’s awaiting meAfrican MoonAfrican MoonThis land is my rightful homeWe’ll never roamYou’ll weep fou your sons no more and daughtersAfrican MoonHold up your headOne day you’ll be understoodStand and be proudYour sorrows are gone for goodHold up your headAnd you’ll be satisfied!

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