Banjo Bonnie

Banjo BonnieLaced with honeyNext to the corn bees in flightThey’re nothing like the bee from your queen flowered teatsBanjo BonnieFather William’s honeySweet and teeny buzzing around, you sexy thingYour banjo’s playing songs to attract all the boysBut you prefer girls — which is naturalBanjo BonnieWilliam, bring the honeyHer buttercorned loins are burning like bumble bee waxThe teeth of the local bees are becoming annoyed with youYou’re taking all the business awayYour banjo playing so sweetly like the honeySo sweet and funnyHere comes the fire truck againAll the honey bees are gonna land you this timeYou can’t be put out by any fire truck I know ofThat’s right, ’cause it’sBanjo BonnieYour fanny is funnyWhen it’s buttered up and eaten by William and the other honeyBees laced with honey on their wingsAnd they’re flyingTeats exposedAll around, everyone’s laughingBut the dead bees you’ve eaten now

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