Blood (3:39)

It doesn’t really matter, the things you say to meCause if I had a ladder, up there is where I’d beOutta here where the air is cold, you’re messing with my mindHey! You do it every time, Hey! And the season comes aroundOnce more,once more.It doesn’t really matter, the things you try to sayIt doesn’t really matter, you say ’em every dayRight now just give me more bloodJust give it to me deep redA flowing river crimsonA flowing river burning with desireIt’s great, but I never said how greatHey, you never really asked, well, I’m asking you right nowSo shut up and explainWhat’s on your mindIn this dark hourI said it doesn’t matter, I can’t be that much fatterAnd you’ll never get as much bloodFrom a phony Blarney, stone, rock, hard, Granite!?! Solid.

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