Brodsky Tune

As you pour yourself a scotchCrush a roach or check your watchAs your hands adjust your tiePeople dieIn the towns with funny namesHit by bullets, caught in flamesBy and large not knowing whyPeople dieAnd in small places you don’t know ofYet big for having no chance to screamOr say GoodbyePeople diechorus: LA LA LA…Let me know…People die as you electNew apostles of neglect, self restraintWhereby people die too far off to practice loveFor thy neighbour, brother SlavWhere your Cherubs dread to fly,People diechorus: LA LA lA…Let me know…While the statues disagreeCain’s version, history for its fuel tends to buyThose who dieAs you watch the athlets scoreOr check your latest statementOr sing your child a lullabyPeople dieTime, whose sharp, bloodthirsty quillParts the killed from those who killWill pronounce the latter tribeAs your type

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