Bet You Think I’m Lonely

I have seen you once with your altruistic bandageAnd I know that you have given me the eyeLet me see you twice and I will be your appendageIn this silver dollar kingdom of the blindI bet you think I’m lonelyI bet you think I’ve got you on my mindYou were yours and I was always mineI bet you think I’m lonelyI bet you think I’m crying all the timePity always said she’d be your brideI have fallen down at least every other SundayAnd on every other Monday I have criedI have played the clownI have danced around your gloryI have waited I have waited for my lineI have written down almost everything you told meAnd I sold it for a purple wedding gownI can’t hear you now when you say that you are sorryAnd I’ll never stoop to polishing your crown

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