Call Me

Read the stop signsI can’t love nothingMake, killYou wake up and it’s not morningI can’t sleep, I loved you onceI loved so muchThere’s a shape on the horizonAs we’re picked off one by oneSomething’s goneSomething’s overMove your hand againI can’t watch you washThe floorYou live for the greenI hold your flameSo why?There’s a shape over the oceanAs we’re picked off one by oneSummer’s goneSummer’s overSomebody here’s too smartThere’s nothing that doesn’t dieWhy don’t you do to my insightWhat you do to my insides?Oh, brainI’m in a deep holeI’ve dug myself in deepSo many people want to talkThey look in the mirror, see themselvesLook in the mirror, look at me, look at meThey look at – meISomething’s goneSomething’s overPeter saidThanks for letting me hold youCalling me moonshineI can take you there and call you thatThis is your nameI’m lonely at nightTime on my handsI feel sad in the dayCall meCall meComfort meNobody knowsHome or awayWhat I’m waiting forCall meCall meCome for meHere I amWhat a loserWaiting for years to go byCall meCall meCall me

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