Calico Jack

Up with the roger, the vessel is closeCannons are loaded the weapons preparedSet up more sails the distance growsThey try to escape but we shan’t careCalico Jack – Listen and hear my commandCalico Jack – I lead you to victoryCalico Jack – We shall win in the endCalico Jack – You may believe what I foreseeDown with the roger, the vessel’s too farIt’s time for the red flag, no remorseAnne and Mary, more rum in my jarI need more refreshment before we set courseChanging the course now, we must get in touchTriple afford, he must not escapeOur breath in their neck they feel out grudgeWe have to hurry to get them in scrapeFight[Solo]Acrid smell of smoke in the airWhite flags rising mainmast breaksEarth go deaf by my brother’s blareUpper deck is taken overAll of a sudden a yelling cryPort turn open, what a messSoldiers get out’n’comrades diesDesperate fights we’re on the looseThe judge:John RackhamYou are charged with murder and piracy of the high seasIn the name of her Majesty you will be taken from this courtAnd hung, drawn and quarteredWhat are your last words, accused ?Calico Jack:My last words ? Ha, Ha !!Who do you think you are ?!What right have you to judge over my destiny ?!Take your pompous words and stick’em where the sun don’t shineI swear we meet againBye

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