Clear Sky

So some say somehowWho was high stays downI don’t think you understand meI don’t see your fault liesI just wanna talk for nowAnd though the way I struggleIt grab and take hold of meAlways the oneAnd always enough to beThe ultrasound strike in the seaLet me openThat I’ll crash sometimeI’m lucky for nowStir me roundHe’s spawned a warSo run from himIt’s something in his bloodIt’s all because of a rushing heartOf course, he’s made a planHis sailor wants clear skyDroop just nowHas the face of calmAnd you’re on top of the worldThe planet didn’t knowThat earth will forever be forgotUntil you dared knowSomeone will win to better thingsNo one told meI’m glad you’re toldI don’t strike alotAnd say onlyYour moment hereIs slowing up

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