Dixie Storms

I received a letter, like so many othersMama said, "How’s life in the city?My your sister’s grownAnd you just missed those awful dixie stormsThank God they’ve passedThose awful dixie storms"I left so long agoI’d forgotten just what forBut they sayWhen a big city beckonsYou have no choice but to goAnd here, there are no dixie stormsThank God, there are no dixie stormsAnd the smoke on the streetMakes me wonder why I stay awayFrom those gentle dixie stormsWhen I was youngerHow I would wonderWhat made the sweet Georgia rainMake me feel so warmAnd how God made a dixie stormAnd how I loved those dixie stormsAnd the rumble in the skyBrings a shudder to my soulOh how I loved those dixie storms

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