Falco Rides Again

These are the given lyrics for this song, but to my ears, most of the first verse sounds to me to be in german.This is the story of a lonely manWho’s seen the worldFrom japan to afghanistanHey! ho!Everybody thought that I was gone for goodBut I’m back – understoodHey! ho!I’ve been through the snow and the stormFelt the coldNo one to keep me warmAgony and painFalco rides again – bang bangI won’t breakI won’t bendFalco rides againIt’s me and my gangI came back just like a boomerangI’ll fight ’till the endFalco rides againI’ve been up, I’ve been downI’ve been pushed aroundBeated, mistreated,Gagged and boundHey! ho!Not a soul in the world thought I would surviveTook every muscle in my body to stay aliveHey! ho!I’ll break down the wallsNo more defeatI want the taste of victoryRevenge is sweet… rides again!

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