Female Infanticide

Born at the Indian Ganges sidedeath laughs, because your mum’s legs are open widedrop down, guilty soon you’ll bea senseless piece of meat wich is going to bleedtoy of the gods, old religion’s lawaccept the fact that life turns into goreliving a life people don’t understandmassacred, beaten to death by an old fanatic land ruined…decay of human pride fatein a womb you cannot hideso better close your eyesfemale infanticidefall deep – onto the dirty rotten groundthe ship of life decides to let you diepeace they never foundpull out of the warm and lovely hutfather judging over you: eyes forever shutbones melted to dust, the whiplash rises highyou’re breathing out your inner lifehumanity begins to crymegagenocide, mankind they derangea ritual that will never change

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