Fe-tish-aDay glow all of youMade for those little sick onesPlayed out in super dragMistreat another piece of youPleasing you was a trickRaping you all with a stickArming up with more reasons to snap you out of blissCut-out of aleister fiendYou’re entering this machineGlaring one eye for meJust a second and a chance to see youViolated by a crowd of meIt’s getting bigger like you used to beChorus:Tell them all she wont be back’cause she needed a changeTurned away from her fearsShe’s been falling downTell them all she’s gonna be gone gone goneJust listen to me’cause she needed the friendsShe will always be, she will always beBecause she needed the friendsShe will always know meShe will always know me, she needed the fringeDeemed to follow the fearsBefore she goesShe will always know meChorus: out

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