Goin’ Back to Indiana!

I’m goin’ back to indianaBack to wear I started fromGoin’ back to indianaIndiana here I come!I spent me weeks in greener pasturesI still lay down when I’m with laughterI’ve got the blues that is what I singI just wanne do my thing yah!(chorus)I’m goin’ back to indianaIndiana here I come yeahI’m goin’ back to indianaThat is where my baby’s from yeah!Ok tito, you got it! (yelling)(bridge)Huh give me some fiveOne more cheer for roosevelt highGotta make jackson on…….What tito….supposed to loseEvery soul that passes byThis songs to you from the jackson 5I’m comin’ home this plain to seeI still got indiana goin’ with me!Oh yeah, oh yeah alright!(chorus)

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