Guardians Of The Netherworld

protectors of forbidden places keepers of the watchseeing those enslavened faces withered souls forgotton livesatop the perch a silent throne the vindicating eyessaints of hell of desperate criesGuardians of the netherworld captors of the damnedpinniacle of your disaster the watcher on the standexiled on a lifless steeple appointed from abovea veil was placed across our browannointed one and all to diefor lust of lifeA war is raging on inside us guarded by the hordewith lesser gods of higher rank prodding them to warno father son or holy spiritnor defenses from the foeall are battered torured shatteredallegiance without death is woeA maelstrom of impending evil futile fight to wintides of blackness pull you toward itconsuming within it’s doorsBOTH LIFE AND DEATH

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