El Sol

Empty-armedAnd half a soul to goAnd all I wantedWas you here next to meA little sunshine and sympathyNow everybody knowsThat I’ve been hanging down so low’cause now I’m feeling upSoon I’ll be feeling out so coldWondering, will you callAnd now I’m feeling highSoon I’ll be feeling left for deadSometimes someone saying yesChanges what you’ll betAnd all I wantedWas just to hold you closeA little sunshineJust to butter my toastAnd your love next to mineI had to let you knowThat we were meant to be just rightHeaven sent, not sympathizedBy everybody’s lieAnd now I’m feeling highNow I’m feeling left so deadKicking up the dust in bedWondering, I guessSunshineSunshineSunshineAnd some teaAnd your loveYour loveYour love next to mineI had to let you knowI had to let you go so iCould see my lie fade from your eyesAnd to my surpriseThat’s what I wantedIt’s all I wantedIt’s what I wantedMe and youSunshineSunshineSunshineAnd some teaThat’s all I wantedIt’s all I wantedThat’s all I wantedIt’s all I wanted

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