Flashback Of A Poor Man

today was the day, money I didn’t havethey came to me in their white coatsand took my kidneys and my heartnow my body’s bloody cold,my signature was my grave!sign your name and you’ll be free,take the money and feel goodpay your debts, it’s all okay,20.000 you have gotI give you one year to pay backand take your organs if you don’tnow you know about the consequence,so we’ll meet in one yearI knew I couldn’t get a job these days,so where could I find my way out20.000 dollars were too much,the doc, he knew I had no chancepoverty was my gallows pole,the rich were dancing on my graveand isn’t it disgusting, man,I wasn’t dead, I was aliveit’s not a tale, man, this is true,I paid my debts with my lifeit’s not a vision of tomorrow,those things happen todayif you’ve got money, you’ll get new teeth,you’ll get new skin and a new heartbut as a poor manyou will see your own flashback start

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