Drift Away

(Williams)Give me the beat boysGive me the beat boysDay after day I’m more confusedBut I look for the light through the pouring rainYou know that’s a game that I hate to loseI’m feeling the strainAin’t it a shame(Chorus)Give me the beat boys and free my soulI wanna get lost in the rock and rollAnd drift awayI’m beginning to think that I’m wasting my timeAnd I don’t understand the things I doThe world outside looks so unkindNow it’s up to youTo carry me through(to Chorus)And when my mind is freeYou know the melody can move meAnd when I’m feeling blueThe guitar’s coming through to soothe meThanks for the joy you’ve given meI want you to know that I believe in the songYou help me alongYou’re making me strongGive me the beat boysGive me the beat boys(to Chorus)

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