I’m The Greatest

When I was a little boyWay back home in Liverpool,My mama told me . . . I was greatThen when I was a teenager,I knew that I had got something going,All my friends told me . . . I was greatAnd now I’m a manA woman took me by the handAnd you know what she told me . . . I was greatI was in the greatest show on earth,For what it was worth,Now I’m only thirty-two,And all I wanna do, is boogaloo.I looked in the mirror,I saw my wife and kids,And you know what they told me . . . I was great.Yes, my name is Billy Shears,You know it has been for so many years,Now I’m only thirty-two;And all I wanna do, is boogaloo.I’m the greatest, and you better believe it baby.

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