In The Summertime

In the summertimewhen the weather is highyou can stretch right upan’ touch the skywhen the weather’s fineyou got womenyou got women on your mind.Have a drinkhave a drivego out an’ see what you can find.If her daddie’s richtake her out for a mealif her daddie’s poorjust do as you feelspeed along the lanedo a tonor a ton an’twenty fivewhen the sun goes downyou can make itmake it good in a lay-by.We’re not grey peoplewe’re not dirtywe’re not meanwe love everybody but wedo as we pleasewhen the weather’s finewe go fishingor go swimming in the sea.we’re always happylife’s for livingyeah ! That’s our philosophy.Whenthe winter’s hereyeahit’s party timebring a bottlewear your bright clothesit’ll soon be summertimeand we’ll sing againwe’ll go drivingor maybe we’ll settle downif she’s richif she’s nicebring your friendsan’ we’ll all go into town.

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