Hour Of Death

…years later: The day of his judgement is now certain. The execution ofa fellow inmate inflames his hate towards the prison and guards…The sun rises, the light is warm and brightAnother inmate soon will lose his lifeOne more day, one more night, that’s allFor sure he’ll meet his murderers at dawnNow they are here to kill another manThe Strap-down Team, I call them the hangmenOne cell is left forever and I knowIt’s killing time on death row!In my hour of death, I wish I’m not aloneYou are doing wrong, this law is heresyIN MY HOUR OF DEATH, I WISH I’M HERE NO MOREIT’S MY ONLY HOPE; THAT’S WHAT I’M FIGHTING FORThe sun goes down, his last night has begunHe has to say good-bye to wife and sonHe had hope, the pardon on his mindBut the governor he never signsThere’s still a light that shines across the yardWorking men, playing all their partThe death house awaits the ceremonyWho is next? It could be me!In my hour of death, I wish I’m not alone…Is there hope? Is there life?Or will I follow him into the night?…rejected and killed… no,… not me!!!Red light, glowing sky at dawnRight now he fights the fight that can’t be wonThey’re taking time, they’re doing their dutyThe job is done responsiblyMinutes, days, lifes are passing byAnother inmate, now, has lost his lifeWhen prisoners mourn and one man had to goIt was killing time on death row!In my hour of death, I wish I’m not alone…

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