Land Of Make Believe

Stars in your eyes little oneWhere do you go to dream?In a place we all knowThe land of make believeShadowsTapping at your windowGhostlyVoices whisper’Will you come and play?’Not for all the tea in ChinaOr the corn in CarolinaNever, never everCHORUS:They’re running after you babeRun for the sun little oneYou’re an outlaw once againTime to changeSuperman will be with usWhile he canIn the land of make believeSomethingNasty in your garden’sWaitingPatiently till it can have your heartTry to go but it won’t let youDon’t you know it’s out to get youRunning, keep on runningCHORUSYour world is turningFrom night to dayYour dream is burningFar awayInto the blueYou and ITo the circus in the skyCaptain Kid’s on the sandWith the treasure close at handIn the land of make believeCHORUS TO FADE

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