Money Talks

(f/Angie Martinez & Timbaland)Yo, yo yo yoThis joint is strictly for heavyweightersNot for playa haters, know what I’m sayin’?Cause in the commissionYou ask for permission to hit it, uhMy man Blake flew me to the Erie LakeIntroduced me to this heavyweightHe called himself DrakeFirst mistake, Jesus piece was fakeBut wait, he got singles in his capeI ain’t fuckin’ with himNumber one rule, always keep your coolEven though you ain’t a foolAnd you see right through the niggaHow he figure?If he holding left and sixHe gonna get the seven digits or visitNumbers in my wizardDuke can’t even work the spaceGlass shoes and engluesPut em dead in his placeDamn Blake, can’t tell this cat is a snake?I got 20/20 vision, funny money visionNo dough, no showDodo, that’s a nonoJust some famous words from the late Frank WhiteI blink right, if your bank tightDuke wanted me to work for himEven flirt for him, wear a short skirt for himHe don’t know I’m a intaperdent himAt the end of the dayShit, I got bills to pay, and it ain’t my faultIf money talk and bullshit walk, Round 1[Chorus]I’m in love wit ta mon, nearly twice my age(Some stuff in another language)More time, more money, have it your way(2x)You know the money and the lovin’ is my styleMe a forget it tonightThe play starts at 8:00, let’s hit the venueInvited his man, and some bitch named KenduTried to style on emShoes with the crocadile on itBut the nigga still was corneredHe bought itHis preference was more sorta like soccerMe, I do offers with the Mali and the vodkaOut in Cali gettin’ proper, And IBetcha $50, my whole commitee stay shittyAct smitty with the Desert E’sOne glance at the beds he make ya freezePlease, I got a mil on theseWhatcha talkin’?I…Hate this nigga in the worst wayAnd I didn’t wanna be here in the first placeBut a, It’s just vendetta for my manDo anything for the famI’ma go along with the planTryin’ hard not to throw him offAnd I know he softWhen I cough, it’s to cover up a lieAnd the lie keep me full of empathySo when I shit on this niggaHe gonna still pamper meI see, this nigga ain’t about nutinCause he keep frontin’He must be up to somethingRound em up, here I come, uh[Chorus]As the evening winds downI’m making sure that my milli got roundsPlayin’ ticky back to townNow, I picked a place, Umberto beforcesItalian where they confiscateBurners in they orifice, metamorphisAnywhere, any year, who dareThey the Marvin, they don’t careAnd I swearWhile I comtemplate thinkin about laterHere come the waiter with the phone in the trayAnyways, "Is there a queen in the house?"How could he say this out his mouth?I’m the only black chick with diamonds this thickHopin, it’s my nigga BlakeSee? Cause sometimes these cat’s like to fool you[Someone else]Check it, let me screw youRemember when I said those niggas robbed Meo?Rolled on him, stuck him up in the black GeoThey was creo, used to be a tight trioTill one fled with the doughWhat’s his name?[Lil’ Kim] Rio!![Timbaland]I was a girlie lover, smooth undercoverPaid those hos with tight clothes(Like there was no other)Dumber like those younger brothersTill they caught me for my gemsAll I’m saying what they did to meDo it to himIs you straight?[Lil’ Kim]You late duct tape and cable ropeOnce I rap around his throatThat’s all she wrote, uh[Angie Martinez and Timbaland]Bullshit walk, money talk(8x)[email protected]

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