Music of My Heart

Duet with gloria estefan, lyric help from krunkgrl31You never knowWhat you’ve done for meWhat your faith in meHas done for my soulAnd you’ll never knowThe gift you’ve given meI’ll carry it with me, yeahThrough all the days aheadI think of days beforeYou made me hope for something betterAnd made me reach for something moreChorusYou taught me to runYou taught me to flyHelp me to free the me insideHelp me hear the music of my heartHelp me hear the music of my heartYou opened my eyesYou opened the doorTo something I’ve never known beforeAnd your loveIs the music of my heartGloria:You were the oneAlways on my sideAlways standing bySeeing me throughYou were the song that always made me singI’m singing this for youEverywhere I goI think of where I’ve beenAnd of the one who knew me betterThan anyone ever will againChorusWhat you taught meOnly your love could ever teach meYou got through when no one could reach me before’cus you always saw in meAll the best that I could beIt was you who set me freeChorusIs the music of my heart

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