Love Like That

You might tell me to mind my businessBut I’ve been watchin’ and I’ve been a witnessTo the things you do and say and the games you playYou better start cutting the man some slackOr he’s gonna leave and he won’t be backOne day you’re gonna chase him awayIf you keep on yankin’ that chainHoney, if I was in your shoesI tell you what I would do(chorus)If I had a love like thatA real fine love like thatI’d be treatin’ him rightAnd never do him any wrongIf you’re gonna do like thatWith a good love like thatSister, just like that you’re gonna wake upAnd find him goneThat man you’ve got is crazy about youHe wants to build his world around youThere’s nothin’ that he won’t do will satisfy youBut I see you flirtin’Shakin’ your skirt and one of these daysYou’re gonna hurt himGonna push him just a little too farAnd break a good man’s heartBefore you go and loose it allHere’s a little wake up call(repeat chorus twice)Sister, just like that you’re gonna wake upAnd find him gone

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