My Country

With a nine digit number codeI pledged allegiance to the flagWhen I was only four years oldThe first thing that I learned in schoolIs we are a country freeWhen bad forces attack our landI’ll fight for my countryI joined the scouts when I was twelveAnd put on a uniformI learned there how to fold a flagAnd how the look of a proud man was wornWe camped in the mountains, deserts and plainsWe hiked through the giant treesAnd I saw God in the beaty thereI’ll fight for my countryWith a heavy pack and a cluttered mindA young man walks all aloneSix thousand miles away he findsFor the first time he feels at homeAnd he laughs to himself as he faces his fearIn the land of the mighty grizzlyIt was once like this everywhereI’ll fight for my countryNow I love this river, love this landAnd I love my green mountains homeAnd when they come to cut the forest hereThey won’t be fighting me alone’Cause the wild lands are the places we goTo remember what it means to be freeWhen bad forces attack our landI’ll fight for my country

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