On Every Corner

DeathHas been your loverHe has brought youThe edges of your lifeAnd now you are looking overAnd all we can say isIt’s gonna be all rightAnd I am looking forwardTo looking back on these daysWhen on every cornerSomeone holds a signThat says I’m homelessI’m hungry andI have aidsHow will they define our generationIn the coming decadesWho will tell the storyAnd what will they say? Will they say the victimsWere thought of as criminalsWhile the guilty sat on highDeciding their fateTicking off statistics in their spare timeTell me,Which is the crime? May you never test positivePregnancyHivMay you never be the receptacle of blameMay you never be the scapegoatFor a wholeWorld full of shameMay you never be fighting for your lifeAnd at the same timeHave to fight for your nameThere are too few who open both eyesWe sit back in our easy chairsAnd we try to sympathizeWhether from the point of a needle orThe edge of our bedsWe too, like too many others,Could be deadOur actionsWill define usBefore a single definition can be saidYeah, so what if God is testing usWhat if that’s trueWhat are you going to doWhat is the answerTo you

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