Once Bitten, Twice Shy

(Hunter)Well the times are gettin’ hardFor you little girlI’m a-hummin’ and a-strummin’All over God’s worldYou can’t remember whenYou got your last mealAnd you don’t knowJust how a woman feelsYou didn’t know whatRock-n-roll wasUntil you met my drummerOn a grey tour busI got there in the nick of timeBefore he got his handsAcross your state lineNow it’s the middle of the nightOn the open roadAnd the heater don’t workAnd it’s oh so coldYou’re lookin’ tiredYou’re lookin’ kinda beatThe rhythm of the streetSure knocks you off your feetYou didn’t know how rock-n-roll lookedUntil you caught your sisterWith the guys from the groupHalfway home in the parking lotBy the look in her eyeShe was giving what she gotMy, my, myOnce bitten, twice shy babeMy, my, myOnce bitten, twice shy babeMy, my, myOnce bitten, twice shy babeWoman you’re a messGonna die in your sleepThere’s blood on my ampAnd my Les Paul’s beatCan’t keep you home you’re messin’ aroundMy best friend told meYou’re the best lick in townYou didn’t know that rock-n-roll burnedSo you bought a candleAnd you lived and you learnedYou got the rhythmYou got the speedMama’s little babyLikes it short and sweetCHORUSI didn’t know you had a rock-n-roll recordUntil I saw your pictureOn another guy’s jacketYou told me I was the only oneBut look at you nowIt’s dark and you’re goneMy, my, myOnce bitten, twice shy

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