One Rode To Asa Bay

Dedicated to Mr. Dean AndersonOne man rode the way through the woodsDown to Asa bayWhere dragon ships had sailed to seaMore times than one could sayTo see with own eyes the wonderPeople told of from man to manThe God of all almightynessHad arrived from a foreign landThe rumours told of a manWho had come from the other side the seasCarrying gold cross around neck in chainAnd spoke in strange tongue of peaceHe had come with strange men in armourDressed in purple shirts and laceSmelling not of beer but flowersAnd with no hair in faceAnd the bold man carrying crossHad told all one of Asa bayThe God of all man woman child had comeTo them all saveAnd to thank Lord of HeavenOne should build to God a houseAnd to save one’s soul from HellOne should be baptised and say vowsA man of pride with the Hammer told new GodTo build his house on ownAnd spoke loud of the Gods of their fathersNot too long time goneThe rumours said the man with a beard like firethe Hammer in chainBy men in armour silenced was and byTheir swords was slainThose who did not pay the one coinOf four to man of new GodWhipped was twenty and put in chains then lockedBy their neck to the logAnd so all of Asa bay did buildA house of the crossEvery hour of daylight they did sweatLimbs ached because faith does costAnd on the day two hundredThere it stood white to the skyThe house of the God of the crossBig enough to take two dragon ships insideall of Asa bay did watchThe wonder raise to the skyNow must the God of the cross be pleased satisfiedJust outside the circle of the crowdOne old man did standHe looked across the watersAnd blotted the sun out of his eyes with one handAnd his old eyes could almost seeThe dragon ships set sailhis old ears could almost hearMen of great numbers call out Oden’s hailAnd though he did know alreadyThough he turned face towards skywhispered silent words forgottenSpoken only way up highNow this house of a foreign God does standNow must they leave us aloneStill he heard from somewhere in the woodsOld crow of wisdom say…people of Asa land, it’s only just begun…

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