Oriole Memorial Stadium Blues

Twilight in the upper deckYou can’t hear a soundWatchin as that big ol’Orange ball goes downFirst came shock, then cameMore shockAt the losses of those so trueThen came the Oriole MemorialStadium BluesFeel a weight on my shoulderTaste a tear in my beerWinter chill’s comin onAnd the Colts aren’t even hereThe season’s gone yet here I waitFor the O’s to rally soonI got a bad case of MemorialStadium BluesI’ve run up and down the aislesBanged my head on every seatI’ve eaten twenty-seven hot dogsJust to try and soothe my griefWell Mariner and Cub fansThey’ve learned how to loseBut I’ve got Oriole MemorialStadium BluesI don’t know what went wrong so fastDon’t know who’s to blameBut know I sure know how this ballpark’sGot its nameYet I still know I’ll be back next SpringBut right now leave me toMy Oriole MemorialStadium BluesO-wo-woe-oh-ow-oh-O’sNo I mean yeah

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