Pax Vobiscum

Holy Jesus, fuckin’ ChristForgive my fuckin’ headIt’s full of doubts and questionsDid you really raise the dead?Are you really so patheticThat you can’t be critisised?Is it so hard to acceptThat I may wonder why?Out of nothing, born by no oneWonders you createAlmighty fuckin’ GodYou super bluff, you mega-fakeThey say you’ve said for you onlyWe all shall live and dieTell me who needs StalinWith a fascist in the sky?Conquering the western hemisphereWith threats and liesSpreading its holy terrorAs another culture diesIt baptised and it burned and torturedIts way through my landAnd wielded above allThe crucifix by God’s commandPax VobiscumPax VobiscumPax VobiscumPax VobiscumImposing on the tribes of EuropeOne faith built on lies and dreamsOne religion so falseAlways loose at every seamThrough wars and emigrationSoon a world faith took its formAs world saviour and almightyThe cross all world adornedComputerised confessionsTV-preachers and very soonThe Christian man stood firmAnd in ’69 prayed on the moon

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