Sorrow Flew On Black Wings

I feel the dark embrace the lightI see the black engulf the whiteI can sense it, life denyingTake me from this cold fucking worldLife defying…Hating everythingLife declining…Seems there’s no time for meCursing my own destinySorrow flies on black wingsRiding the cursed wings of griefSilence!Hear sorrow laughingHear joy cryingRide the black wings of sorrowSilence!Hear death screamingHear life dyingAfter going throughthe darkest nightmaresI could only trust my self.For the ones who loved me……will be happy to hate meDon’t just stand there!My black tree withersTake me away to the forest of believes.Where the roots will restand I can have… serenity!I want to feel the black rivers waterThe current gliding me……Towards… Eternity.Trashing what’s leftRipping, biting and cutting my fleshDestroying this shell,to finally escape my private hell

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