Stuldt Håjt (8:59)

As the round comes to an end we go around itagain till we’ve got no need to pretendyou’ll find an endless space in there and it’s inevery word you saystill the main things to be aware ofSTULDT HÅJTIf seriousness comes alongthere is always for you this songto take you back as you’re going wrongIf we cannot move I’m sureit’s because it’s all so newstill the oldest just new for youIt’s because it’s all so newand still the oldest just new for you"The finnish mythology includes a masterkey to theunderstanding of the uni-verse and all myths:The ALPHABET:A system of 29 sounds with own meanings based onthe ROT (root)-language, the first languagein his story of mankind.But as it’s completely rational, don’t forgetSTULDT HÅJT"

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