Stand Before Kings

Were in the slaughter drinking waterRulers drinking wineThey stab the beast, a selfish feastSet glare the crystal eyeKings and Queens with witty dreamsCollect from lower classThe knight and lance, the joker danceStand high to save their assBorn were we fool’s companyNight hawk spreads its wingsDeserters and the beggar manStand before the kingsCrawl in the cave and push your wayDo it if you dareIt’s damp and cold, it’s evening stoneIt’s smoke filled misty airIn the arena, kicking hyhenaHear the strangling roarShock cracks down on wind blown groundDusts off the bloody whoreOff with your head is what’s been saidKing’s fist of feather shakesIt’s luxury off you and meKing’s fist of feather takes

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