The Earth, The Sun, The Rain

When I was lostI could not seeAll the beauty and wonderThere’d been around meI was aloneDreaming of youOh I could not imagineThis dream coming trueSo much joy nowAnd all that you touchedYou make me feelEverything’s so muchChorus:I will love you for the earth at my feetI will love you for the sun in the skyI will love you for the falling rain,I will love you for the heart that could break,I will love you for the dreams that we share,I will love you for the falling rain.Facing the wind,Tears from my eyes,Baby where have you been,When I was hoping,Was waiting for you,To pull back the door,To take me by the hand,And lead me through.This whole world was,A stranger to me,Now you have opened,My heart to everything.(Repeat chorus)Spoken:Like a whisper in a dreamYou’ve walked softly into my lifeWith love and sweet emotionAnd as I gaze into your eyesI see the beauty that God has createdAnd I love you girlNow and forever(Repeat chorus x3)

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