The Mark Of The Devil

"A disease that can strike at any age. How it is caught is a mystery butwhen one day you look in the mirror and see that mark upon your face…it’s a sickener." (original sleeve notes)The Mark of the Devil is upon you; your look is no happier than mine.Damnation is waiting in the mirror but you shouldn’t mind. Their legsstart a felling in your stomach, their eyes knock you backwards with aglance. Your pride sinks unnoticed in the river given a half a chance.And you past in just a befroom full of implements of cruelty and a listwill bind your eyes as you grow old and you want to join the laughtersharing simple shreds of felling but you fidget and your heart is gorwingold. Simles left unfollowed start to haunt you; chance that perished longago. The devil is waiting in your bedroom with your worthless soul. Theyears pull their weight down on your cheekbones, the nights out are hangingfrom your waist. The years float like dust held in the sunlight, with anaftertaste. And your past is just a bedroom, etc.

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