We Are The Greatest

There will be Scooter in the housewe gonna rock you toniteand the incredible H.P. is gonnamake you feel rightThere is Ricky on the caseandwicked Axel tooso come on join the partymake your body moveAll those sexy girls are dancingto the beat on the floorand the crazy guys are freaking outlike never beforeTurn up the volumeand make the speakers blastmove your body to the rhythmlike this day is your lastWe Are The GreatestWe Are The GreatestThere’s party in the placeand you’ll be rock it toniteso bring your body with you babyand I make you feel rightIt’s a pretty celebration of anatural kindand a plaeasure your experiencewill blow your mindEverybody will be dancing tothe beat on the flooryou really come to situationsnever part of beforeSatisfaction guaranteed if youknow what I meanand if you walk in throughthat doorit’s such a freaky sceneWe Are The GreatestWe Are The Greatest

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