Wouldn’t It Be Nice to Be Proud

Now I’ve found a little timeTo take a look backFrom the cabooseAnd follow the tracks of my lifeThey’re tangled about lying trueAnd I know it’s just meAnd my point of viewBut those are theImportant twoI don’t need to check with the crowdWouldn’t it be nice to be proudA door was openAnd into the nightI jumped throughAnd turned on the lightI started to seeThought it wasn’t that brightI saw a island skyBut it wasn’t all blueMy answers weren’t rightBut I didn’t wanna loseSo I’d put up a fightAnd scream out loudWouldn’t it be nice to be proudAnd when it all is clearYour time to repair disappearsTaking with it chances left untriedI see my friendHuddled togetherTryin to stay warmIn nasty weatherWe’d beat the oddsWhenever they’d callAnd all the jokesI played on my friendsNever did getMe in the endI guess I wasGiven more than allowedWouldn’t it be nice to be proud

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